Frequently Asked Questions

WhAT if it is my first time on a boat?

Our staff will show you the controls of the boat, explain operating procedures and demonstrate where necessary. You will also be given information about the rules of navigation. All boats have full instructions and navigation details on board to refer to.

Our boats are easy to operate; just forward and reverse levers and steering wheels, making it easy to operate even for the most novice helmsman. All locks are manual so a little work and ladder climbing is involved.

Buoyancy aids will be issued on request and children under 12 must wear them at all times, in inclement weather the canvas top can be drawn back for protective cover

How far can we go?

A day hire will take you from our boatyard through to East Farleigh and Teston Lock and as far as Yalding and back.

Half day will take you from our boatyard through East Farleigh lock to Teston Country Park and back.

2 hour, non stopping from the boatyard to East Farleigh lock, turn, down to Allington lock, turn and back to the boatyard.

When do we have to book?

All bookings are made in advance.

How can we pay?

Payments are made by cash, bank transfer or cheque.

Are pets allowed?

Dogs are welcome on the boats, but there is a £10 service charge.

What footwear is appropriate?

Sensible shoes are required, no high heels or flip flops.

How old do I need to be to hire?

Hirers must be over the age of 21.

Do you take all male or all female crews?

Sorry, we do not take all male or female crews, no matter what age.

Is alcohol allowed on boarD?

If, in our opinion, large amounts of alcohol are being taken on board we will require a £200 security deposit and the person in charge of the vessel and its crew must be sober. The same as driving a car.

What time does the boat need to be bought back by?

The boatyard gates close at 6pm. Late boat returns will be charged at £30.

Are there any additional charges?

Lost lock keys are charged at £20, damaged fenders are £10.